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I burnt the cupcakes!

In a failed attempt to make lemon poppy seed cupcakes, I have redeemed myself by making this lemony yellow flower bouquet. Inspired by the upcoming summer and ready to rock and roll, I am preparing myself to put away the winter coats and open the windows!

I love to surround myself by things that keep my positive and upbeat, so here it is, attempt number 2 at lemons! (this time not edible)

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Cheers to a new beginning!

Paper Square is a new project created with the intention of showcasing my talents and passions in life. I live to create, and when I don’t create I feel like a flower with no light.

In an effort to promote and share my artwork, I have created Paper Square. A place where there are no limits to what a mind in bloom can do.

Stay tuned and subscribe (on the left menu) to learn about future giveaways (of my work) and fun step by step art tutorials.

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